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Vince Eager talks to Geoff Barker this Sunday 12th on the BBC West and South West.

Billy features throughout the show with tracks from the new album and Vince's memories.

You can listen live and online between 6-8pm or through the BBCs Listen Again service.


Also our very own Chris Eley is on Radio Merseyside between 7-8pm on Sunday 12th August...

The album is out on 17th!!!!!!!





































There have been rumours on social media this week, but now Decca has sent us an official announcement for "The Symphonic Sound of Fury". This is a project that was born from a suggestion by this very club. Our own Chris Eley has provided the inlay notes for the release. It's not out yet - however you can download the new version of "Wondrous Place" from today on Amazon and other download sites. Let's get Billy back in the charts!!! You can pre-order the album online now so it arrives on the day of release. Or look out for it/nag your local record shop to get this in stock!



















Here is a clip, provided to youtube by Universal Music Group, of Wondrous Place:














Here's the official release from Decca - released on Friday 20th July:



Decca Records is proud to announce a celebration of the life and works of Billy Fury – the UK’s answer to Elvis Presley – with the new album, The Symphonic Sound of Fury, out on 17 August. 2018 marks 60 years since Billy Fury was discovered. He went on to have more Decca hits than any other artist in the ‘60s, including The Rolling Stones. He also equalled The Beatles’ record of 24 hits and spent a total of 332 weeks in the UK charts.


Billy was a truly ground-breaking artist. He was one of the few singers before the Beatles era to write and record his own songs. The Symphonic Sound of Fury showcases his distinctive vocals with tracks from the legendary album The Sound of Fury, as well as his other big hits, accompanied by newly-recorded arrangements from the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.


Lisa Voice, Billy’s partner and head of the Billy Fury Estate, said of the album, “There will only ever be one Billy Fury, and despite being so wonderfully self-effacing I am sure that he would, privately at least, have been proud of the way his wonderful recordings have now been complemented by a philharmonic orchestra. I’ll never find another you, darling.”


The album follows the recent discovery of a rare live performance clip from late 1961, which sparked mass interest online. A true rock ‘n’ roll icon and heart-throb, Billy was famed for his infectious and daring stage presence and was amongst the top four biggest-selling artists of the ‘60s alongside The Beatles, Cliff Richards and Elvis Presley. He released his first ever single Maybe Tomorrow on Decca in 1959 and subsequently landed 26 chart hit singles from 1959 to 1966, making him Decca’s most successful singles artist from that period.


Producer and conductor James Morgan says, “Working the recordings in detail felt a little like the audio equivalent of a painting restoration; when we were working with Billy’s vocal in isolation, it seemed almost as if we were in the recording studio in West Hampstead with him.”




This album marries Billy’s timeless voice with a deeply compelling orchestral backdrop, breathing new life into his unique recordings. These reimagined classics will offer existing fans the chance to experience Billy’s music in a totally new way, and allow new audiences to fall in love with him all over again.




1.Wondrous Place

2.Halfway To Paradise


4.Maybe Tomorrow

5.You Don’t Know

6.When Will You Say I Love You

7.Once Upon A Dream

8.Last Night Was Made For Love


10.Like I’ve Never Been Gone

11.Phone Call

12.I’d Never Find Another You

13.That’s Love

14.Halfway To Paradise feat. Vince Eager











Halfway To Paradise- The Book Launch

Thursday 26th April 2018 will see the official launch by Waterstones of the new Billy Fury Biography written by David and Caroline Stafford. This is a hardback and contains many pages of pictures from different periods of Billy’s life. It promises to be an excellent book. The authors will be interviewed by local writer and journalist Paul Fitzgerald at the Cunard Building on the waterfront in Liverpool , commencing at 7pm. Billy’s first guitar and other memorabilia will be on view and the ticket only audience will be invited to ask questions about the book and Billy’s life. Please do support this event.


The address of the building is: Cunard Building, Pier Head, Liverpool, L3 I DS


Tickets are either £7.00 or £ 6.00 (to Waterstones card holders only), plus vat and can be ordered online via: More information: Telephone 0151 7099820


Chris Eley

The Sound of Fury-Official Billy Fury Fan Club





Last minute Christmas/Billy Fury related news from The Sound of Fury Fan Club.


My Christmas Prayer-A New Recording.


A London band, Zazous and The Fury’s, have just released their version of the above Billy Fury classic, albeit on download only. It is available from Spotify, I Tunes and other good music sources and buyers may make a donation of their choice at; www.justgiving.comfundraising/makesomeomeschristmas for the homeless charity Shelter.

The Sound of Fury-Official Billy Fury Fan club wholeheartedly supports this release and believes it to be a sincere and highly enjoyable tribute to Britain’s finest ever rocker and pop singer. We wish to express our sincere gratitude to the band and to ace rock’n’ roll DJ Geoff Barker, from whom we learned of the release. We urge fans to purchase this download and support a good cause (in addition to promoting Billy). Geoff will be playing this recording and Billy’s original on coming Saturday Shows before Christmas. The Saturday Night Rock ‘N’ Roll Party on BBC Radio Wiltshire, available in some areas not only via PC but TV too, e.g. Channel 721 in West Sussex. Please support Geoff’s great show, Billy Fury, and this new band.

My Christmas Prayer-new vinyl release on LP.

Available at £10.79 from musicMagpie on line is the LP Winter Wonderland –a general 50s/60’s Christmas Collection.

Thank you

Chris Eley-On on behalf of The Sound of Fury Team (December 14th 2017).






Play it Cool Screening Event In London

Original 35mm film. 23rd January 2018.


Projecting the Archive presents

Billy Fury Tribute night.



Please do support this event if you can-Ed. Tickets (unpriced as yet) on sale in January.


“Grab a guitar as we salute Rock N Roll Heavens brightest British star, Liverpool’s Billy Fury, with a genuine 35mm film screening of his fabbest musical feature exactly 60 years after he cut his first 78rpm demo disc (that should be Maybe Tomorrow-Ed).


On the trail of a runaway heiress ,Billy’s band takes a toe-tapping tour of Soho’s nattiest early 60s nightspots . Packed with great music performances by Billy, Shane Fenton, Helen Shapiro and Bobby Vee –this terrific period piece taught Brit-kids how to do the twist (Chubby Checker had already done that-but Billy taught us how to do the French Twist-Ed).


Plus rare TV Oh Boy,(ABC TV 30/05/59,25 minutes)-Billy rocks alongside Marty ‘Bad Boy Wilde’ and big quiffed Cliff”. Introduced by Vic Pratt, BFI National Archive. 23rd January 2018 at 6.15 on NFI 1 (the biggest screen). BFI Souhbank, Belvedere Road,South Bank,London,SE 1 B XT. Tel. 020 78151350.



18TH MAY 2017 - UPDATE - 18TH MAY 2017

Mrs Jean Wycherley.

The Sound of Fury team ,on behalf of all of its members, would like to say how saddened we were today to hear of the passing of Billy’s Fury’s Mum , Mrs Jean Wycherley. So many fans of Billy knew Jean as a friend, some from the late 50’s and 60’s, others of us from the 1980’s Mill Hill gatherings and from the various tribute weekends and events which followed Billy’s passing in 1983.


From that time onwards she was a rallying point for the fans and devoted her life to promoting the legacy of her famous son, and later Billy's brother, Albie.


This is truly the end of an era and she will be sorely missed by her family, friends and Billy’s fans. R.I.P Dear Jean-you’re with your loved ones again now.

Chris, Linda and the Sound of Fury Fan Club Team.




It has been a long time since I last saw Liverpool’s own Gavin Stanley (aka Gavin Skelhorn) on-stage-far too long. Not only is he one of the nicest and least effected of performers but he really is good at playing Billy Fury and Eddie Cochran, having become quite a musician over the years since the early days of the original show. With American New Yorker Lars Young as the mighty Gene Vincent and Roy Orbison this is ‘a fast moving beat show’ (to quote the original 60’s headlines), and I found it exhilarating. Backed by an especially competent band-The Wildcaps (who thought of that parody of the Blue Caps I wonder?), the sound is amazing and authentic.

Following an introduction (far too loud actually but effective) by ‘The Reverend DJ Jordan’ Gavin opened with the best version of Just Because you’ll probably hear outside of the We Want Billy album, followed with Wondrous Place (very good indeed), a very hard rocking Don’t Knock Upon My Door with great sax, (John Wallis I believe but not credited on the CD from the show) and A Thousand Stars. Gavin has presence and he moves well. Lars playing Orbison for about four numbers was enjoyable and quite authentic-no easy thing.


Lead guitarist Gerry Slattery gave a compelling performance with Keep A Knocking and it was over to Gavin to provide us with a number of Cochran classics- displaying his considerable guitar skills. If Billy were still with us he would respect immensely the abilities of this other Liverpool ‘lad’. I especially liked Nervous Breakdown and Teenage Heaven. Cochran was a musical giant-such a great loss.


I adore the music of Gene Vincent, but not so much the frantic paced stuff. However, many would argue that those ultra fast paced rockers like Race With The Devil and Cruisin’ are the real essence of the man and Lars, although not sounding too much like Gene (who on earth ever could) gave a quite wonderful and indeed mesmerising portrayal, both visually and vocally, of the tormented genius.


In addition to the two rockers above the classic Baby Blue came over well, as did the controversial Woman Love and an unusual choice recently out on a limited edition 45, Sexy Ways.


Buddy Holly, in the guise of Spencer Jordan was up next and we had some well delivered Holly favourites by as good a Buddy as I have seen in a while-being joined by the others for Oh Boy. Part two of the show gave us the maudlin Three Stars by Gavin, with Lars I think but cannot recall exactly, then more Vincent including A Lotta Lovin’ followed by more Fury. When Will You Say I Love You, Gonna Type A Letter with great sax, It’s Only Make Believe and in closing Halfway to Paradise, were well performed and followed by another four Orbison tracks from the talented Lars.


Finally it was back to Cochran with four of Eddies finest, all really gutsy performances by Gavin such as Something Else and Jeannie ,Jeannie, Jeannie then a finale which included a great Vincent track, really well performed-Say Mama, with all three performers on stage.


Afterwards the guys were out front, courteous and friendly. I asked Lars why he had not mixed in some of Vincent’s exquisite ballads such as Over the Rainbow and he said they had tried it but it lost the show too much momentum.


I would liked to have heard Wildcat ,It’s Been Nice, Goin’ Home etc. instead of the likes of Double Talking Baby but that aside-this was a great show that helped for just a little while to lift me from the acute sadness of the day at Danny’s funeral.


If it runs again or even if there is a different incarnation such as Rock’n’ Roll Paradise (I think the promoter said-GRT and it features Gavin, make the effort-it will be worth it. A 45 track live double CD is sold at the venue and makes an excellent souvenir of the night. Gavin was jetting somewhere exotic to get married so we wish him and his new bride all the very best for the future. Chris Eley. WWW.BEBOPALULUSHOW.COM





Rock’n’Roll Unravelled- by Derek Shelmerdine.


An abridged review copy of this publication, with the front page caption ‘From its Roots to mid-1970’s Punk’ came to me from the author via a family friend who is a local radio DJ. The book is a combined ‘dip in’ events diary and pocket history melange which has self-evidently required a lot of detailed research-seemingly 7 years worth. It’s very interesting as one might expect and for Fury fans there is some information in Part 3, (pocket histories).


In Part 2 there is more detail related to or connected to Billy, some of it new to me; the duration of the Blue Flames as a backing group for one thing. I didn’t know that Them (with Van Morrison) were originally called The Gamblers either, which could have been confusing given the great Newcastle group of the same name. There is a fair bit of detail about the sixties bands and artists connected in some way with the Beatles era but to those of us who regard rock’n’ roll as a musical phenenomon from around 1954-60, (perhaps earlier at a pinch) it is strange to see the term covering the Who, Deep Purple, Hawkwind, Billy J Kramer, Hank Ballard, Springsteen and punk groups etc., which seems to be the way the USA sees it these days, and many in the UK. This modern view is confirmed by some of the real rock’n’ roll artists only recently included in the USA Rock’n’ Roll Hall of Fame, whilst mainstream Sixties pop artists and groups have inexplicably been inducted. For me it’s a bit like not seeing Slim Whitman mentioned in the Country Music Hall of Fame when I visited in 2007-how wrong is that.


To be fair-those of us who are more purist are really out of step with the way things are today (even Joe Brown says it’s all rock’n’ roll to him now although I suspect Marty Wilde may feel differently). Anyway, by setting aside for a while those narrower, but perfectly natural views for many of our generation, it is possible to really enjoy this book and to understand, if not to actually embrace, all kinds of ‘rock’ as being branches of the rock’n’roll tree. Let’s face it the line between rhythm and blues, rockabilly (actually categorised as such by some US reviewers of Elvis 45s in the fifties but not identified as such in this country until the late sixties or so), has always been blurred-take Fats Domino (first record made in 1949) and Bo Diddley as perfect examples. They are renowned as rock’n’ roll icons yet surely they played predominantly rhythm and blues-as did Chuck Berry on a lot of recordings. Even early Elvis was a mixture-I Got Stung and Jailhouse Rock were very self-evidently pure rock’n’ roll but One Sided Love Affair and many others were R&B and some Sun sides were pure rockabilly.


It’s never been that clear cut. The book does also set the scene by including some of the seismic events happening along the way, like the Vietnam War, thereby being a bit of a social history as well.

This is a book for serious music lovers with broad taste (but excluding Soul and Reggae etc.), and there are real nuggets hear such as the time Bo Diddley ‘went of script’ on a US TV show –and was never invited back! The formation of a ‘supergroup’ the Beatmakers in late 1961 with the Beatles and Pacemakers together with Karl Terry and Gerry on lead vocals, with John Lennon relegated to piano-who knew about that! The deaths of icons from our era such as Del Shannon are listed and it’s nice to see mention of the often neglected Ronnie Hawkins (a real rock’n’ roller) and fascinating to know that the first time Led Zeppelin played together was when recording the unusual PJ Proby LP Three Week Hero. Nothing really new about Billy Fury here, but he is done justice to, and it’s a nice reference book to dip into.

Chris Eley.

Published by DCA Rock’n’Roll Ltd 2016. Available on Amazon UK priced £24.95 with free postage.

Contact author via





While on holiday in Cornwall our very own Chris Eley recorded his memories of the late Danny Rivers. Please copy and paste the link below into your browser to be taken to the interview. This will take you to an external website:









The Billy Fury Worldwide Discography by Peter Baldia (0rdering details correction)

At time of writing I have not seen a copy of this book but those of you who have copies of his earlier photocopied publications will have some idea of what this new book will be like-only professionally printed this time and therefore that much better with colour prints inside of rare records and sleeves from all over the world. For all fans who are also collectors this will be a must and is something frankly I should have attempted years ago. Peter has been a good friend to me and to some good friends of mine, and an ardent supporter of this fan club. He has been a massive Fury and rock’n’ roll fan since the 1970’s and is a very generous person too. The rarities shown are those held in several fans collections or otherwise known about, and no such publication is ever going to be totally complete, but his volume is as good as we are going to get for many a year. A splendid job has been done Peter and I see my old friend Tony Philbin-also a die-hard Billy fan from way back, has been involved in it. Highly recommended.


Available at 40 euros (inc. p+p) from Peter Baldia , Haslingergasse 41/20, A-1160 Vienna. Consult your local [Post Office for the best way to get payment to Austria. Paypal can be used at Peter’s email address but no cheques please.


Sorry for any inconvenience

Chris Eley.









Peaksoft's new Billy Fury double album features the first Official CD release of the 1983 LP The Missing Years.


The album also provides an exclusive first hearing of recently discovered studio masters.


A clutch of rare bonus tracks completes a superb must-have package for any follower of one of Britain's best-loved rock stars.


An 8-page booklet offers an authoritative commentary on the tracks.


The Missing Years marks the third licensing cooperation between Peaksoft and the Billy Fury Estate, with royalties donated to the Billy Fury Memorial Fund, which raises money for heart treatment equipment.












The project concept, provision of all tapes used, including studio masters for CD2 and and liner notes by our very own Chris Eley from The Sound of Fury.


Standard retail price for this terrific double album will be £12.99.




The Missing Years LP


1 Wondrous Place

2 She Loves Somebody

3 Paper Aeroplanes

4 Do My Best For You

5 Spider And The Fly

6 Silly Boy Blue

7 Fascinating Candle Flame

8 Halfway To Paradise

9 I Saw The Light

10 Bye, Bye

11 Hurtin’ Is Loving

12 One Minute Woman Please

13 I Call For My Rose

14 Let Me Go My Way

15 It Just Don’t Matter Now

16 You’ll Break My Heart in Two


Bonus tracks


17 I Love You

18 Lazy Life

19 Sticks ‘n’ Stones

20 Get Yourself Together

21 Driving Nicely

22 Things Are Changing

23 Don’t Tell Me Lies

24 All My Time

25 Going Back To Germany (alt take)

26 Paper Aeroplanes (take 1)




Studio masters


1 Baby Do You Love Me

2 Easy Living

3 Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt, version 1

4 Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt, master take

5 Things Are Changing: audio 1

6 Things Are Changing: audio 2

7 Things Are Changing: monitor mix 3

8 Things Are Changing: monitor mix 4

9 One Minute Woman Please: audio take 8

10 One Minute Woman Please: audio take 9

11 Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt: audio takes 1-4

12 Baby, Do You Love Me: audio takes 1-4

13 Easy Living: audio takes 1-3

14 One Minute Woman Please: monitor mix take 8

15 One Minute Woman Please: monitor mix take 9

16 Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt: monitor mix, 1-4

17 Baby, Do You Love Me: monitor mix takes 1-4

18 Easy Living: monitor mix takes 1-5




July's bargain spot: The wonderful Billy Fury Anthology double cd is only £6-99 this month on Amazon. As well as fabulous songs from Billy - it has awesome sleevenotes by our very own Chris Eley! Copy and paste the link below...




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